Health Expert for the People

Psychotherapist , Township Delegate, Health PAC CEO

Erica Green  is the daughter of a computer scientist and engineer. She was born in New York, but grew up in DuPage County. She received a B.S. from Loyola University Chicago in psychology with an undeclared minor in photojournalism. There she was a track & field scholarship athlete, who broke numerous school and conference records in the sprint and  jumping events. She also holds a Master of Clinical Psychology and a Master of Public Health. Additionally, she has  completed  a year  of  her Ph.D. in International Organization Psychology.

Green is a licensed professional counselor with an emphasis in psychotherapy, international health psychology and trauma.  She is also a certified alcohol and drug counselor who has taught DUI classes and has worked in hospital emergency rooms for many years.  Green also is an experienced international relief coordinator who has worked for several non-governmental organizations in the aftermath of both natural and man-made disasters. On occasion, she will blog for fitness and wellness mobile apps.

Green is a true humanitarian that thinks outside of the box with innovation.  As a first-time candidate, during the primary she discovered so many things that would be helpful to candidates and the community alike in regards to healthcare.  Immediately after a successful primary, she created a political action committee called PsyPAC that addresses these very healthcare issues.  Why?  Green felt the community would greatly benefit from the concept -now.

Green is in this for you, the people! 

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