She put her degree on-hold,  moved back home to DuPage County to help her family.

Her international outreach work began in high school as a puppeteer and singer in Ecuador.  Performances included schools, Quito's prison, and several jungle villages. This was months after an earthquake hit off the coast of Guayaquil. Although Quito and other tour spots were unaffected by the tremors, vast poverty and economic hardship was witnessed in the capital and the little villages off the Amazon river branches. Later, Green was able to study the fall of Communism revolution from Romania's Ceausescu regime. She was amazed by the depth of their faith and the ingenuity that grew from the oppressive government. This was 6 months after the wall had fallen in Eastern Europe. She lived with the families and interviewed many young people about life under communism and resiliency after so many were killed in the revolution.

Green has worked as a practicing psychotherapist for 10 years and an international medical relief coordinator for 9 years. The majority of her work has been working with community leaders to increase access to health services and coordinating emergency medicine symposiums in Haiti. She now works in an Emergency Room doing psychological evaluations and referrals. She also works as a World Health Organization ICD 11 Internet Field Researcher. These experiences and a trauma research experience in Rwanda helped to form Green's strategic insight on government, access to health care, and the sheer will of humanity.